The $URF token is available on PancakeSwap. (but wait for our presale on PinkSale to finish first).

The URF has created an innovative AutoStaking token that provides users a simpler way to receive staking rewards. Simply hold $URF in your wallet and you will automatically receive staking rewards.

The Rebase operation allows tokens to work in a way that the circulating supply expands or contracts due to changes in token price. This increase or decrease in supply works with a mechanism called rebasing. $URFP uses a Positive Rebase formula which increases the $URF supply of each holder.

The Rebase rewards, in simple terms, are the staking rewards. You are entitled to receive Rebase Rewards just by holding $URF in your wallet.

  • Team KYCed with PinkSale
  • Audited by Analytix
  • Transparent: Source code is opened & verified
  • Liquidity Locked for decades
  • No Team & Private Sale Tokens. No minting code.

17% Buy Tax/ 22% Sell Tax

We are getting ready for our Fair Launch on PinkSale at 3 PM UTC on May 1st.

When we say Fair Launch, we mean A decentralized crypto network that is earned, owned, and governed by the community from the outset. Everyone can participate on equal footing. There is no early access, pre-mine, or allocation of tokens.

No min/max buy at Uranium Finance Fair Launch.

  • No buy tax (13%) if you buy in Fair Launch
  • Airdrop NFT contests for top Fair Launch buyers.

NFT Airdrop For Fair Launch Contributors:

  • Top 10 Fair Launch Contributors: 1 Random NFT Immortal each
  • Top 11-50 Fair Launch Contributors: 1 Random NFT Epic each
  • Top 51-200 Fair Launch Contributors: 1 Random NFT Rare each
  • Other contributors: 1 Random NFT Common each (Min contribute 0.1 BNB for being eligible - Max 500 Common NFTs will be airdropped. If there are more eligible contributors than the total number of NFT airdropped, NFT Common will airdrop to random contributors who contributed more than 0.1 BNB)

Listing on PancakeSwap will trigger our Bullrun Campaign which included:

  • Dextools, Poocoin, other crypto-related sites,... banner ads with insanely high budgets
  • Voice AMA tour with big communities
  • Release WSF Bank & Referral Program at the listing date tentatively.
  • Big contest for top buyers (more detail be revealed at Listing Date)
  • Snapshot Top Holders For NFT Airdrop
  • Twitter, Youtube, Influencers Marketing (they are ready to call after launch)

Maintain VIP level condition

CMC - After listing on PancakeSwap.

CG - After listing on PancakeSwap.